9237 N 56th St, Temple Terrace, FL 33617, USA
Not resolved

I have emailed the manager Joshua and never responded to any of my email or calls about the furniture how I received them. Not only I waited a whole day because they keep for getting something and I end up not going to work that day.

I lost a whole day and get broken furniture and the excuses that that’s how it was already but that’s not relevant it should be inspected before given to customers. Second issue is I had them set up automatic payment taken out because with my job I am never home and I can be sent where ever my job sends me. He calls me telling me I’m late and told him that it should be automatic taken out and my mom and I repeatedly made sure it is automatic taken out of my account. Then he tells me oh yea I am the manager Joshua and I got your email, a month later like really.

Third issue is my bank account has detected might be a possible fraud because buddy furniture charge my account 7 times and I sent him the snap shot to show they’re taking it out but they over did it cause my bank to close the card and give me a temporary one to give it to them and yet again they did it again now both card is close. I ha e to pay my bank too over night me another bank card so the issue can be handle. It getting a rude email from him just made me loose it and just had enough and no more being nice so I sent him a very lovely rude message from a very good patient customer that just had it enough with this furniture place. I am having Navy legal to take a look at this company and go from that point because they shouldn’t treat client like that specially if the error is from their part.

Management needs a proper training and customer service training also the staff as well.

FYI I am new to the area and only choose them because they said they can deliver the next day and have them a huge down payment to show them this can be paid right away and I though maybe I can be treated more better but nope that’s not the case so don’t rent and fellow military don’t and I advice don’t go with them. They’re fraud and very rude and they will not help you out if you have a issue but if something went wrong with the payment they will blow up your phone even if you’re at work dealing with important people

Product or Service Mentioned: Buddys Home Furnishings Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Buddys Home Furnishings Pros: Furniture its nice just dont damage the product.

Buddys Home Furnishings Cons: Doesnt make a effort to assist customers service.

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