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Called Ocala buddy's at 5pm was told manager would call back soon, I ended up having to call back myself at 6:55 just to have a rude *** answer and refuse me service. When I asked his name he refused to give it and said I don't *** need it. That *** is lucky I wasn't in the *** store, he'd be in a *** ambulance by now

Product or Service Mentioned: Buddys Home Furnishings Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Good to know you’re so violent when someone doesn’t genuflect to your perceived superiority. Tell you what.

Why not just go down and discuss your issues with the manager in person? This way, after your threaten them they can have you arrested and you will be forced to attend the anger management you so desperately need. You can take your internet bravado and go pound sand. I’m pretty sure that if you did buck up to one of the younger generation you would be happily served a healthy whooping.

You think you bravado and threats of violence get you anything other then laughed at? You’re a joke with a bad punchline. The real laugh will be when you snap and actually hurt someone. People like YOU tend to have lengthy criminal pasts for just that reason.

Go away bully, you are not wanted anywhere. You’re a old relic of a time when violence had a place. It doesn’t anymore.

Not getting your way is not a justification for threats of violence. Being spoken to harshly is no excuse.

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