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Went into store to pay on account and I was a little short today and asked if I paid what I had I could finish paying Tuesday. Mine you I have been a good customer for a year and just asked for this time frame and he said well let me see something and he said well I would need this dollar amount and I said all I have is this which would have been half.

And the atmosphere changed, so you think you can just come up in here and do things that way you want. And he began to raise his voice so I did too. I let him know others had said he would work with you but he said it's not about others and you say you are or suppose to be a Christian woman, I asked what does that have to do with anything so are you a Christian Man, well things keep getting worse so I asked about corporate's number and he says there is no corporate to call because that was his store and everything in it. So I said why is your name not on the building well it is a franchise.

And he said I will just come and pick my stuff up now and I told him no you're not because I am not going home yet. I will follow you everywhere you go and I told him I would call the police on him for harassment so he said I will follow you and just sit in the parking lot if I have to. So I left the store and he ran out the door behind me and jumped in to the company truck and began to leave so I went a different way and I haven't seen him since. But, I will be returning all my items and will never do business with Buddy's in Sherman, Texas with West.

You really need to check him out because I am not the first and I do believe he was making me pay more and longer on one of my items. CHECK OUT YOUR MANAGER WEST IN SHERMAN, TEXAS BAD FOR THE COMPANY!!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Buddys Home Furnishings Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.


Buddys Home Furnishings Cons: Management, Management or customer service.

  • Horrible customer experience
  • Buddy s Home Furnishings
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