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may the 12th I had my from out of townfor mothers day when the girl knocked on the door . SHE was very nice but when i told her it would be on friday she said let me check with the manager michael alba, i said i had in touch with him for the past couple of days.

i got laid off i live in a small town so it took me a minute to find a job less than a month and the the 3 not getting a check. Well he told her to pick up washer and dryer then he said hold on i be there in a minute when he gets here he preceded to speak to me as he would his kids yelling and degrading me infront of my family and my neighbors. i pid the 277.00 and then he said i dont think i am going to let me keep the merchadise, i bet your other bills are not late, number my bills other than buddys is not his business , and screaming at me like a child .

i am 47 years old . i have a business degree from ctu, and i currently attend purdue for my 2nd bachelors and work so for this person to treat me like that without finding why its late is just ignorance.i will not buy anything else from him at buddys product is awsome the price is great but management in kerrville has to go.

Product or Service Mentioned: Buddys Home Furnishings Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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If you are affiliated with C.T.U and Purdue in anyway, it's likely as a Janitor with the ridiculous use of grammar and punctuation.Also if you had a Business Degree you would have known better then to agree to the Rent to Own model with high APR, fees, huge mark up over MSRP. Not to mention there heavy handed collection tactics. Pay your bills on time, honor the Contract you agreed to or return the property to the lawful owner.Act like a normal 47 year old adult and citizen.

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