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Is there standards and protocol for Buddy's collections procedures and what they can or can not say legal over the phone.

I have a bed room set from Buddy's, which I should be near payoff on. However, I am behind on payments.

I've been out of pocket for the last few months with my daughter and back and forth to work. I get a call from Tokeya, who works at a Baton Rouge store, who calls me from a (601) phone number, which is Mississippi, who introduces herself as the Sales Liaison for Buddy's Home Furnishings. She goes on the say that she need me to come in immediately, before end of day to make a payment or she will be going to Baton Rouge Police Department to press charges on me in the morning. I have not received any certified mail of anything, and I do check my mail on a regular.

In the professional that I work in, I do know that there are certain things that are not to be said to people, whose names are not on an account, without consent of the account holder(s). And with the wording that she used, I could take what she said as a threat. In this case Tokeya, prior to speaking with me on 03/13/2017, contacted relatives of mine, who were listed on my initial application as references. When she contacted them, without stating that it was attempt to collect a debt, etc, Tokeya went on to tell both relatives that I was behind on my account, and if I did not contact her about paying the amount due, she would be going to the local Police Department to press charges against me.

I received text messages from both relative WHILE I was on the phone speaking with Tokeya, meaning she contacted them before contacting me. This is unprofessional and invades my confidentiality.

I want to know how Buddys will resolve this issue. Although I am behind on an account that should be nearing payoff, and plan to resolve this matter, I am seriously contemplating taking my own actions.

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Simply google “Ceases and Desist letter example” and modify it with your name, address, the company and account number. Legally they will not be able to contact you anymore.

Cellphone rental

by LongingSquid

If you do not have a certain brand or type of cellphone at a local store, how long does it take to get that particular cellphone that the customer has requested to the store in his or her area?

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by TRUEShrimp

I’m a new customer to buddy and i haven’t even moved in and while i was at work my house was broken into and the tv was stolen..what can i do I’m doing a police report but i can’t pay for a tv i no longer have

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is it your practices to ask for a mouths payment upfront on a set of new matters thank you

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Charge back (dispute)

by user90473207

Yes I made a payment on 10/21/17 and it was taken from my account, the merchant said on the 10/23/17 the payment was charged back but I don't see know charge back credit back to my account it's been 9 days now, how long does it takes for my money to post back to my account $34.18 please, because she said I had to make another payment because my account is pass due which it should be current.

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