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Although i have missed a payment or 2 over the last year, i've had a great relationship with john and one of the delivery guys. Always try to make up and communicate.

The murfreesboro store has hired a butchy type financial lady that will call you several times a day at work, ( which is what makes the money that makes the payments, but she feels it nescisary to blow your phone up during work), and if you say something she doesnt wanna hear she hangs up on you. At the store i asked who it was on the phone that hung up on me, because i wasnt sure if it was a man or woman, she interupted and said " it was me. Why. Whats the problem" in a hostile tone.

Somewhat ghetto. Not called for none of it is. They can walk to my house accross the street. My table set had a busted chair and looks lime someone cut up animals on the table top and ended up costing twice the agreed price.

I'll put the stuff on the damn porch to not get rude phone calls and attitude and have told them so. Its not called for.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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