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Got no answer. Buddies in my area Bradenton Fl +1 (941) 748-7023 has been calling me Tiarra W.

About 8 times a day regarding a TV I have informed them that was broken about 2/3 months ago they have it documented. They told me I just would have to pay the difference in what the tv is worth, that is fine. SEND ME A BILL. Instead of doing that I have been getting harassed nonstop with calls, text and coming to my home.

Today I received the absolute worst service possible from you all a gentleman came to my home knocked on the door and asked for the tv I informed him I already made you guys aware that the tv had broken and about three weeks ago the screen went completely black. He said that’s cool we’ll be back tomorrow I told him to stop coming to my residence or I’ll be forced to call the police. And to again send me a bill. Then I called the office where I purchased the tv and by far delt with the most disrespect.

I called and stated my name and told them again I informed you guys (which I have text to prove) that I no longer have to tv stop coming to my home stop texting me and coming to my job this is borderline harassment he proceeded to say “well that’s your fault dum *** *** you’re still responsible for the tv now so just pay the dam money.” I pray you all have legit customer service and actually record calls so you can hear it for yourself because if not I did. There were literally two other adults and children in my home that witnessed this while one recorded. I proceeded to call back and ask for a supervisor and terry yet again answered the phone and stated “ now who’s harassing who dum *** then hung up again. I called back and a gentleman who stated his name was chris while laughing answered the phone and stated he couldn’t put me in touch with a supervisor because he was with a customer.

I asked him for the corporate number and he told me to look it up myself then hung up. I proceeded to

Call back a few more times to no answer. This was the poorest most unprofessional service I have ever received of course if you call continue to call text and come to my

Property I will take legal action to see how to go about a lawsuit and I’m assuming these records will help and or justify it.

I would like to be contacted by corporate immediately to see who to go about filing a legit complaint and I will also be contacting the BBB. Every time from here on out this company shows up to my home I will be contacting the police.

Product or Service Mentioned: Buddys Home Furnishings Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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