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My son had a ac he was going to let go back. I had purchase one tht wasnt cooling my house.

So i talk to deanna and ask her if we could wsap them, instead of her getting me another one. I might have misunderstand what she was saying, i brought the ac i had and the other things back to them. 3 days later mark called and bawl me out . Told me i was not suppose to do that .

He had the only athority to do it , any way i was trying to explain to him what mine and deanna talk was about and he goes so shes lying, u wont me to fire her, ok ill fire her then, i told him to do what he wonted but i was not at home right now and they couldnt get it right now. He kept on talking to me rudely. I finally told him to come and get it and i wouldnt get anything else from buddys, id go back to rec, he said good he didnt wont to sell me anything if i was trying to pull this, o telling what id do. Let me tell u ive bought thousands of dollars from yall.

Always been on time, payed extra, and some even off in ninety days. I will not be talk to like a criminal, also i dont approve of his girlfriend co ing in there to help out and go tru all the accounts, i dont know her, and i dont think its professional, Mark is rude , never smiles, and acts like hes on drugs, i luv deanna, frankie, thwy are the best.....i have recommended alot of people to u i wont any name is laura scruggs.

This store is in jasper ala. Thank u for letting vent, i guess my thousands of dollars is not appreciated so ill be going back to rec...

Product or Service Mentioned: Buddys Home Furnishings Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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