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I am and a situation where this month I am out of money due to Christmas for my grandkids the play station and stereo from there was for my grandkids Christmas, I have paid off a TV a bedroom suite,a stereo, like I'm saying is I just need this month payment put at back for the last payment please,,I have until 10:30 today before they come to pickup, please help me please I'm 61years old , I have two grandchildren living with me, I have been a great customer with plan of being a customer for a long time,. my name is Theresa and Donald Sellers, Hueytown Alabama,,now I have never had a problem with know one there I think this is a great store, I can be reached at 205-5686340,,are,, thank you for your time

Product or Service Mentioned: Buddys Home Furnishings Electronics Leasing.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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I, too, am 61 years old.

I have a tough time believing that you would empty your pockets for JUNK for children while leaving your own obligations high and dry.

You are old enough to know better !

How dare you blame a legitimate business for your foolish behavior.

Your excuse is pathetic and I have NO sympathy for you.

just try to remember this come next December.


You are a disrespectful.


Smh, you should be ashamed of yourself posting such negative words.Her statement was a snap shot of her situation and you think your so almighty you can judge that makes you delusional and pathetic. Sixty one and never learned respect William I feel sorry for you.


He's delusional is what he is. Thinks he's special.

People like that are looking for some validation of importance.

Don't waste you words on people like that. Mind over matter, don't mind him because he doesn't matter;) have a great day Courtney.

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