1289 Veterans Memorial Hwy SW, Mableton, GA 30126, USA
Not resolved

I was trying to avoid this but after several calls to my local buddy’s in mableton to repair the frame of my bed and still no call back or assistance, I’m left to post a negative review.

I ordered furniture from buddy’s in early April. I selected furniture from the computer and it was to be delivered to my place the following Thursday between 10-2. Needless to say it never came but they took a payment out. No furniture yet they were paid.

The sofa loveseat and chair ended up coming that following Monday. I don’t think it was the furniture I selected and it had roaches coming out of it. (Didn’t see them immediately)

2 weeks after I received the furniture I was offered a $100 in-store credit. I went to the store and selected a suit from a picture the Manager showed me online.

The furniture was scheduled to arrive again between 10-2 that Friday but it never came even after I called the store to confirm. I didn’t get my furniture until that following Wednesday but they still took a payment out even before the furniture came.

Once the bed was delivered and set up within a week it was broken. I literally sat on the bed(I’m not a big woman) and it collapsed on one side. I called the store they said someone would be out to fix it they never came. I called corporate and took them 2 weeks to fix it but they still took payment out my account.

So the bed was fixed 2 weeks ago and 1 week into having it, it broke again on the same side in the same place.

I’ve called the store and the manager keeps telling me he(Joey) would call me back I explained to them that the bed is broken and that it’s actually sitting on books. I’ve been calling since Wednesday June 27 2018 it’s July 6.

No one has called back or came by to fix my bed but they are still taking my money.

Please don’t waste your time or Money. Just because you have to purchase furniture like this doesn’t mean people can treat you any way. There are other companies out there that treat you like you matter. This Mableton location isn’t one!!!

The whole staff has integrity issues. All of them lie for each other and the manager uses his personal life to justify why things are the way they are at the store.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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