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It is unfortunate that in this world bad things happen to good people. It happens , but just like any business or Corporation when a customer falls upon hard times the Round Rock store has stepped up to help customers with real hardships.

Not a hardship when a customer can't handle thier money right because they spent it having a good time and being irresponsible. So then , get upset about not being on time or being late. What's landlord say when you can't pay rent , "oh , you spent your money on a party " don't worry will give you a free month. Seriously people wake up !!!!

Quit living outside your means , and take responsibility for your money and your life. We all want to have nice things and rent to own can be the way to go , educate yourself on the contract don't just sign it like a dumb *** without reading the fine print and get an attitude when your first bill comes and you can't afford it.

Learn how to ask questions and communicate your concerns. You don't go through a fast food drive through and When you get to the window only tell the teller I only have this amount of money and pay short do ya.

Product or Service Mentioned: Buddys Home Furnishings Customer Care.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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Payment taken off my debit card without my consent. Payment isnt due until monday, this is SATURDAY!

Called all day and waited all day for a response from manager and still no call back. I am not on auto pay.