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I got a stove from them. The payment was due last Sat.

8/26. They were told this past monday 8/28 to come pick up the stove and they said they would be by on Thursday to get it. I was checking my account and i saw i had a pending transaction where Buddys ran my card and took money out of my account. My card is not saved on file to do automatic payments.

I called them and asked them why was money taken out of my acct. They said their system automatically saved my card when i used it last when i made a pymnt to them. So in other words even though i didnt give permission to run my card they did because their system had my card info stored as the last known payment. Then i told them you didnt have my permission to run my card.

The salesman tells me that they did have the right because of the time i had the item.

How does that give you the right to take money from me without my authorization just because that was the last known payment i used. I called their corporate office for them to contact me immediately on this matter.

Product or Service Mentioned: Buddys Home Furnishings Appliance Leasing.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Did they put the money back on your card? I'm going through the same exact issue. I read these reviews I see this is a trend for them but if my money isn't returned I will take action because this is theft.


They’re dispicable! They took my money but I surely chewed them out and had my money returned to me.


No they did me same way