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When they were Homesmart, great service. Once Buddys took over downhill.

Washer broke down a month before payoff. Supposedly fixed it. Broke down 3 more times after that stating I don’t how to load a washer and the floor wasn't level. Out of $1000 with a broken washer.

One you are supposed to fix something, you ei fix it so it doesn't break down or replace it with same value! Rip off rip off rip off!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Washing Machine.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I will never ever, do buss. with/ Buddy's / Homesmart, again, the lie & rude & very disas.

ppl. to deal with, WE r buying a washer/ dryer, from them, it's an lg... paid around 2200. for the pair, almost paid off, dryer stops working, they picked it up & clamied they fixed it , bought it back, & still not working, The MRG.

@ Beach Blvd.

says for me to find repair to get it fixed & they will pay for it, did that, now she's lieing to me, & says she can't do this, they want me to settle, with another dryer, off the floor, & the cheapest on the market, NOT, I paid too much money for the ones, that I have, the whole point is it's not paid for, still under rental, & she told me a lie, in the store, in person, she won't let me speak to her MRG, feels like they r hideing something, Any suggest?

MRG... @ this store is Cindy Rivera, not dealing with her/ or any of these stores again!