Shady Hills, Florida
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My name is melissa davis i am invovled in.racism florida hospitsl knows that after there visit i odered some more things from buddies i needed the help. Buddies let my landlord run over that furniture and mess up my apartment and i cant fix it back yet.

I ordered a dinette set with 4 chairs and refrigarator .i paid 160.00 one month for the refrigarator and the bed and 219.00 the next month for all 3 of them buddies did not help my insurance god let evil men run over my furniture so sue the buddies clerk that sells i gave the dinette and refrigarator back ask elliot from alafaya trail store. I kept my bed i.owe 94.00 left it was 700.00 for a yrs payments.

Do buddies owe me and i am sick from my apartments who to my period and apartment as buddies know they raised my rent. Jimy works in.goodwill self suffiency center right out here in the apartment sick and would tell him and rod clark


Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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