Seattle, Washington
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I have nothing but headach from this store when i first went into the store to look for a used washing and dryer i found one and they told me their buyout program so i got it after a few months go by my boyfriend decided he wanted a computer so we go back so while he was looking at them i was looking at the big tvs this lady who works there ask me if i wanted one i said maybe after my washer and dryer is paid off but she goes to tell me i only have a few months and they are pay for so i agreed to add the tv well after a few month i called them to find out if they are paid off what i find out i have almost another to pay for them so for a set not worth more then 800.00 i was paying over 1700.00 they said if i had bought them out early then i would have gotten them at a lower price i was very upset by what they were telling me and of course she no longer works there so i couldnt talk to her about this and matter of no one works their that i did business with ok they are paid off but i still have a few months so i keep paying well 2monrhs ago when i went to make a payment the manager told me i only have 1 1/2 payments left so made that one payment so now i have 1/2 of a payment to make well something came up so called them and told them what was up plus i wanted to come in and talk about what they say i owe of course the manager who i did my business with is gone well they decided to go and take money off my card without my permission they did have it a few month back but i went in a few months before and told them they no longer have permission to do that now when i called to talk to someone about it they said they would call me back of course no one did they always tell me someone would call me back and no one does so i want someone from their main office to contact me at 2533293433 if not im going to go and file for them stealing my money without my permission they have 24 hrs to do this thank you debi


Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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