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I had a similar experience with the store on Florida Blvd the manager Greg is a complete *** he calls the day your payment is due threatening you with the police he has also called me a liar and a thief my agreement will be paid off on 12/26/2016 its been a total nightmare since buddy's took over homesmart this guy Greg is very unprofessional he leaves very disrespectful voice mails on my phone he calls my references as if im not paying when i am and keep in mind he does this the same day your agreement is due he doesn't give you a chance to call and make a payment this is harassment he doesn't deserve a job i would never rent from here again and word of advice if you just dont need it don't rent i know better now its a rip off you'll do better just saving your money up and paying cash by the time yiu finish renting from them you would've paid for your merchandise 3 times. Unprofessional pieces of *** like Greg wouldn't have a job if we stop renting from them they prey on people who decide not to oay straight out of cash for merchandise and say you become 1 day late of yiur agreement they want you to return the merchandise NEVER EVER RENT FROM BUDDYS ON FLORIDA BLD BEWARE They dont know how to handle business fair and most important they don't know how to treat their customers !!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Buddys Home Furnishings Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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It's like that every where then too. Because the ones here in Meridian, Ms are the same way.

They must get trained to be that way. I contacted the corporation don't know how far that will get me. The guy refused my payment that I was behind and would get me caught up.

Which mind you I am only 4 days late. He said to pay that payment and the payment that isn't due yet or they are coming to get the stuff.


I am feeling the same way. Used furniture and trying to get maximum price! Garbage!


I am customer at the store in San Antonio, Texas on Perrin-Biietel Rd, on November 3,2016 payment for the wrong amount was taking out of my account, I call the store and had called two days prior to my account paid was given one amount and they took a larger amount,with this been said before they took out the amount from account I always called an gave the ok to take the money out that is just how we set it up when I got the furniture so if course they get a new Manager that does what he wants and I called to ask why so much money had been taking out they reversed it and it took 5-7 days to return but it actually took longer in the process I got hospitalized for over two weeks and they continued to call me why I was in the hospital and even had even ask if they could come to the hospital to pick up the payment, also they were calling three to four times a day so Everytime they called they cause my B/ p to go up and cause me to stay longer in the hospital so when I go in to make my payment Corey tells me that if I don't have my next payment in by four on Monday is going to cancel my contract ,and that I was being rude to his employees,but guess what who runs a bussiness where you harassed your customer for something you made a mistake on and then threaten me about closing my account and you and your employees were rude to me as I was in the hospital,never not one time been late from opening my account in April 2016 ,this store has not been the same since Jarrett left because he knew how to treat his customer this store is going down a a rapid pace ,and not only that I have sent you 6 or more new customers and that's how you treat good customers, I will never I mean never do business or send anyone else to Buddys