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Well needless to say that they have also lost me as a customer! They think that they own my phone and pay my phone bill and think that they can call when I've never been late on ANY payments!

Well let's just say that after I told them to quit calling or they can have the air conditioner back and the (manager) said to bring it back then because they would continue to call every Saturday!

Well guess what we had a big screaming match in the store and they have their air conditioner back and will NEVER do business with them again!!!!! Palatka Florida store!

Product or Service Mentioned: Buddys Home Furnishings Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I agree with what you are saying about the manager in the Palatka store! I've been a loyal customer for a year & for the first time had a complaint about the couch we rented.

Was told it was deep cleaned (it's a used couch). 15 minutes into having the couch I noticed a spot so I damp sponged it & then used a white cloth to dry it..needless to say my white cloth was black where I used it to dry. Then I tried a spot under the Afghan I have over the back...yep, that was black too. I called after the weekend & was told they would come out & clean it, they never showed up.

Called yesterday & manager was rude & crass (they obviously do not know a thing about customer service..the manager definetly doesn't. They also took the payments out of my card & they had no authorization to do so, they've always asked before a transaction is made if I don't call 1st..this time the manager took more money than what was agreed too (I think he did that on purpose because he knew about my couch being dirty & acted like he didn't know about the couch).

The 1 person I do trust in the Palatka store contraded what the manager said that the couch being cleaned...he said it showed it hadn't been cleaned; I also was led to believe this was a new couch I thought I was getting a new one & found out it was used the first time I called regarding it was filthy & needed cleaned. (I don't know who had it before & what things are deep in that couch!!