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I attempted to rent some furniture from Buddy's In Rockford Illinois. I went there with my husband on a Tuesday Evening, found out what they needed, filled out their app and went back the next day (Wednesday) and turned in my husbands check stubs as they required and gave them the names of 6 reference.

I called them Thursday afternoon and asked if they had started calling my references. They stated that they would..I called back on Friday at 4:30 pm and they told me they couldn't get ahold of my husbands work. I asked them if they called the company and was told that they had called at 10am that day.. I asked them why they didn't call back and they said they only call references on time and then wait for the people to call back.

So we called his work only to be told that Buddy's had never called them. So we went back in with a current check stub and were told that this would suffice for proof of employment. Then I find out that the furniture that was being held for us at another Buddy's location had mysteriously been sold. they offered us another set which we really didn't want with the promise that they would order us a new set of what we wanted and have it withing 10 days.

After promising to deliver the furniture on Saturday, 1/21/17, we called back and were told that we lied on our application because we didn't tell them we were renting furniture from another company. I said you never asked. Then they said we lied about our landlord after they told me that I could give them the phone number for the maintenance guy and that would suffice. Then on Saturday morning they tell me that we didn't make enough money to rent the furniture.

I asked the manager on Friday night if they were jacking us around and were we gonna get our furniture on Saturday morning. He said no he would tell me to my face if they didn't want to rent to me. Anyway long story short, the Rockford location has all black people and I feel like I was discriminated against because I was white. They did nothing but give me the run around and then had the audacity to want to take my payment before they delivered the furniture ..

Since something didn't seem right about this, I am so glad I didn't give them my credit card info as I never would have received the furniture. DO NOT EVER TRY TO RENT ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY.


Product or Service Mentioned: Buddys Home Furnishings Customer Care.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Preferred solution: Close this store down!!!!.

Buddys Home Furnishings Cons: Management or customer service, Extra money they took out, Refused to answer questions.

  • Horrible customer experience
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Well I was going to rent a washer and dryer but reading the reviews I'm scared no thanks don't need the headache