Orlando, Florida

Buddy's furniture store is nothing else but a scam. My Fiance and I purchased a dining room table and chair set along with a love seat couch.

The total of all of these items amounted to about 1800 and we had 6 months to pay everything off. We paid a downpayment along with payments EVERY saturday. Mind you, we never missed any payments at all so we had paid $960 along with the $100 downpayment...when we called these *** artists they had the audacity to say that we still owed 1300, and that basically 85% of our payments had went towards BUDDYS and not the actual furniture of itself. They also said on the 7th of this month we needed to pay $300 in order to avoid "late fees" along with our regular payment.

Ofcourse after going back and forth with these epople they assumed no resonsibility whatsoever for their lies, instead they kept badgering my fiance and asking why he wanted to cancel everything. When he finally asked to speak to the manager"Monique", the same one who sold us everything and did our paperwork, the same woman who claimed to have been employed there for 4 years all of sudden didn't work there anymore. DISGUSTING!!! Everything that they have done has been an absolute disgrace and breach of contract.

These people sell defective products and anything that they claim is new is actually USED.

Ofcourse we are obviously not getting a refund or any type of compensation for this but I just wanted to spread the word about this company in orlando fl. DO NOT BUY Furniture here you will regret it.

Monetary Loss: $1800.

  • liars
  • Horrible customer experience
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All I can say is BEDBUGS!!! They DON'T care !!!,


Buddy's is a giant scam and I bought a couch from the store in Seminole ok. Not only did my pay out stay the same or more but I discovered the couch was infested with bed bugs!! They never resolved the issue or attempted to make it right I eventually told them to come get it.