Jacksonville Beach, Florida
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Two of buddy's employees came out to pick up merchandise but an adult wasn't home. So they proceeded to beat on door.

They was hitting it so hard that the frame from the door and screen door broke. It happened on 01/29/19. I called the local store he stated he would talk to his men and how do I even know they did it. I stated that u was going to do a police report but until my door gets fixed I'm not returning the furniture.

We have to keep playing with the door to even get it closed.. Michael Moore is the name on the account. I'm Carmen pouncy the spouse. We have been having problems with the box since we got it and still is.

We also had problems with the bed frame and instead of them replacing it they nailed it with some nails. It broke again and it still haven't been fixed. We had asked them on several occasions to come and get the stuff but they didn't come. They just decided to hit Michael's account several times resulting in overdraft fees.

Have went and filed a report and will find out if this is a civil case or criminal case. Will keep you informed.

Product or Service Mentioned: Buddys Home Furnishings Pick Up Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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