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We moved into our apartment in January. It had new carpet and was thoroughly inspected by myself prior to move in.

In March, while waiting to have a custom window seat built, I decided to rent a sofa and love seat from Buddy's. Three days later we discovered that they were infested with bedbugs! I called immediately and told them. The woman gave a very sharp "We inspect and treat everything." I told her that was the wrong response and to send someone to get the nasty ---- out of my home that day.

I also called and emailed the corporate office. The local people came to pick up the pieces while I was gone so my 14 year old son had to deal with them. We had already begun stripping down every bed and laundering every piece of bedding and clothing. I had a twin mattress leaning against a wall to inspect it and they had the audacity to question my son as to why it was there, as if we were trying to pull something over on them!

I'm a full time single parent. I don't have time or energy for games and BS! I had no contact from corporate. My property manager said we must get treatment as soon as possible, so their "go to" exterminator was called.

After 22 hours of INTENSE hassle, cleaning, and prep, the exterminator came around 9 am to inspect/treat for bedbugs. He found ZERO evidence of the preexistence of bedbugs on any of our mattresses & furniture (which we've owned for years without issues), or the apartment itself. The ONLY bugs found were those on the items we rented. I have photo documentation of this!

The exterminator said we did an incredible job with containment, but to keep watch because there was no way to guarantee that we were in the clear. The cost for treatment was $375. I finally got a call from corporate a day or two after the exterminator came. I was reimbursed the original rental cost of thirty-ish dollars.

In the initial call I did not know I would be directly billed for the exterminator. However, after letting my management know I'd finally heard from someone, they explained that I would need to bill Buddy's myself. I called corporate back about ten minutes later and conveyed that information only to receive an incredulous response implying that I was simply trying to get money out of them (mentioning the mattress the movers had questioned!) THAT was in March. I finally HAD to pay the bill in May.

I'm a full time, single mother. I barely make enough money to house and feed my family. The extra expense caused me to be late paying my rent, which cost me an additional $300 in fees! When I sent Buddy's another email (including attachments of the bill) I received a call that went to voicemail, which I didn't see for two days, rudely claiming I had "declined their offer" to have Orkin come inspect.

No, they offered that AFTER my complex had already sent someone! I figured I'd have to just suck it up. Live & learn. BUT...

Two days ago I discovered a dead bedbug while I was making my bed. I lifted the mattress to see live bugs! I checked my daughters' bed and their's were worse! We have been being eaten alive!

We didn't realize by what, assuming it was mosquitos or chiggers from the time we spend outside. It's disgusting! I have called, emailed, and emailed again. I got one brief reply to my second email stating "We're received your email.

Someone from upper management will call you. Thanks" I'm still waiting. In the meantime, I've had to haul mattresses to the dump by strapping them to the top of my car because I can't afford to rent a truck, mattresses I don't have the income to replace. My kids are sleeping on pallets on the floor.

Our skin crawls just to be in our home. We wash bedding daily. I've spent the past two days intensively cleaning. My days are being consumed by all it entails to deal with this infestation while I wait to hear from people who clearly don't give a *** about their customers or their reputation.

This company is responsible for my family's suffering and NEEDS to do the right thing and pay the extermination costs, but they're picking nits (pun intended) over what they misguidedly assume is to be a declination of remedies and implications that I somehow conjured up a maniacal plan to defraud them!

Note: The items I rented were "floor models" which means that people were free to sit on them in the showroom! They were CRAWLING with bedbugs!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Buddys Home Furnishings Furniture Leasing.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I m not rent anything from Buddy s i m done.


we just had the same thing happen to use with a bedroom set we ordered from buddys in palatka fla, it is infested with bed bugs and when we called a store rep named aaron was quick to imply that the bugs came from my house,there has to be someone that we can call about this because if you call customer care they never return your calls.


Call an attorney and hold them accountable.