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I have been a good and loyal customer of Buddy's for more than 4 years now. I've purchased a computer, a TV and now an air conditioner.

I have two payments left on my air conditioner and we just got hit hard by Hurricane Irma. It took every spare cent to move my wife and I to a safe shelter for the storm. They called this morning and the manager of the Melbourne, Florida store (I'm 15 days late) told me he intends to take the air conditioner. These are people who have no heart or compassion.

My wife is on oxygen because she has COPD and angina and taking that air conditioner would literally kill her. I have spinal stenosis and was just diagnosed with onset Alzheimer's Disease.

What would you think of a company that has received more than $5,000 in payments over purchased merchandise and wanted to kill one of them over $100? If you use Buddy's then you're a @!^%() idiot!

Product or Service Mentioned: Buddys Home Furnishings Appliance Leasing.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

Preferred solution: Back-off you jerks! We just got more than $10,000 worth of damage to our home and only shelter. Fire that idiot manager of the Melbourne store. He's a loose canon that can cause all consumer agencies to spurn them and dump on their reputation. .

Buddys Home Furnishings Pros: One week after a major hurricane and they want to kill my wife.

Buddys Home Furnishings Cons: Hardline approach to collection against senior citizens.

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You don’t have to allow them into your home to get the A/C. Also, simply mailing a Cease and Desist letter would legally require them to cease all contact and attempts to collect so you can pay them on YOUR terms. Google sample cease and desist letters.


This people are terrible, they will put you in jail. I can't tell my story because I'm going throw legal problems with them at this time. But they will pay for everything they do I promise you.



I think it would make a wonderful story for the 6 o'clock news.

I can just picture that manager trying to shut the door in the face of an inquisitive investigative reporter with the camera equipment, etc. Hahahaha !

"Victims of storm victims of greed" Oh what fun I'd have with a story like this.

I'm really sorry you've got such a litany of problems right now and it makes a huge statement to some of the whiners on this website who are "devastated" because the perfume didn't smell right or the coupon had expired.

And then someone tries to bully you . I wish I were there to advocate for you. We'd get this cleaned up quickly.

(or on the 6 o'clock news ! )

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